A Painting of Words and Water Colors

In These Shoes? I Don’t Think So.

Heh. Well, here’s a piece of art I an going to share with you. Rather old, but still.

Well, did I mention that I started a manga? Well I did. I started a MANGA!!

Watch out, here comes Caitlin, thirteen-year-old mangaka~!

In A Shiny Chocolate Wrapper!

Ok, I’ve been thinking about it. Doesn’t everyone want to write and post in a blog that is so interesting it pulls people in and makes them want to read it? Well, don’t count me out. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m becoming desperate in this, because this is my fourth blog post here today. But maybe that’s just me wanting to write down what I’m thinking about, or my latest piece of poetry. You see, I want people to read something I write and go, “Oh, isn’t that interesting, isn’t this fun to read, fun to think about?” And not like what I write out of sympathy for a trying thirteen-year-old. If that makes any sense.
I admit, yes, I take pride in being able to spell at what I believe is college level. I take pride in my writing skill, and I want them to be seen. I want to reawaken my writing skills, seeing as I haven’t used them in a very very long time. I’ve zoomed in on art and music, which, don’t get me wrong, are two of my most favorite things in the world. But in reality, I really miss writing, because it lets me express in almost any way possible. I want to tell stories, be mysterious, be heard, if you will. And I want to not babble, like I am doing as of now. Oh, hurray! Please pardon the useless babble of all my “want”s and such. I shall stop. You’re welcome!

I look at my mind like a stockroom full of shoes. The shoes are bought and eventually worn out, but there will always be another pair of shoes as a runner up. Though this thought really came from the movie I am currently watching, Kinky Boots, a terrific and witty telling of the tale of a man who runs a shoe company after his father dies and helps a black cross-dresser produce beautiful, of course, kinky, boots that will support a man’s weight.
God, I love gay people. They are awesome. And if you have a problem with this opinion, come here and I will personally tie you up with the cord of a toaster and hang you right in front of a gay bar, one, to enjoy myself and mingle with the wonderful gay people, and two, to laugh at you because you don’t like gay people.
Seriously, they are the people who know best.

I want to dance in the light and reflection of Mardi Gras beads, lalalala. Making up songs is marvelous!


Oh my gosh.

I am SO sorry.

I haven’t posted here in months. So sorry! Will start posting again soon. ❤

Fake Roses Are Flowers Too.

There has been so much going on, I haven’t considered writing another blog, though I have decided to now. I realized how much I enjoy it.

Lots of songs have been stuck in my head, so I am left listening to my iTunes library, unsticking the ones that are stuck and sticking others. I guess, as they say, when one door shuts another opens?

Hmm.. something I did today..
Well, I got the wasabi and sat here seeing how much I could eat. That was probably the most intense part of the day!!
You know, I realize that I weat a lot of bracelets. I jingleee, as Cayla says.

Ahh, Japanese. Japaneseee! I better go back to my intensive studying, because a while ago I was doing that, but I dropped it once school started. Jeez, that language.. I LOVE EET.
And the culture.
And the music.
And the everything?

Although you can’t love everything, because something must always upset you. Well, anyways, I guess I shall go, and read of circuses.

Socks help!

The Etch In That Sullen Black Wood.

Well.. I’m not depressed. (See previous blog.) I’m.. at peace, as I hope Noche is. I really will miss him.. It’s hard..

Anyways. About a week ago, I got another commission to draw someone’s Gaia avatar. Since there’s been so much going on, I forgot about it. So this morning, I just sat down at the computer after checking my art sites and such.. and I drew. It felt nice to draw, after a while. I feel content.

Anyways, if you’d like to see the commission, here it is:


Hope you guys like it?

Have a good day, may post again later.


Living Life As Boldly As That Unbreakable Stone; Noche.

This post is for my cat, Noche.
He died, and I want this to be a tribute to him. A memorium.

He was black as night. In fact, that’s what his name spoke of. I found him as a ruffled kitten, wandering in the tall grass of my yard. He was weak but strong, and not yet weaned from his mother’s breast. The kitten was tiny, though he had a terrific spunk about him I had never quite seen before. He nibbled on our fingers, trying to squeeze out that delicious liquid that was his food. We dipped our fingers in milk. He ate.

After quite a few hours of playing, nuzzling, and adoring, we realized he needed a name. And of course, the very cliche name came to mind, a name that told of the very cat himself. Noche.. Night.. It fit wonderfully, like a new pair of perfect, white socks.

He played, we loved, he annoyed, we still loved. He and the other cat, Lira, came to get along, though they had their spats. Noche was truly living life on the edge, taking his chances and running as free as he could. He was a soul that could not be trapped, and it is why I loved him. It is why I still love him.

This day marks my knowing of his death, but, as many say, he still lives on within me. I can feel him. I love him. I miss him. Though I know he will always be alive in a way I cannot describe.
I never truly knew what they meant when they said such until now.
He is so special.

I love you Noche.

Why Is Red So Vivid And Grey So Bland?

Sorry I haven’t posted in so long. It’s been crazy, since school started on Tuesday.

I’m completely over Kevin. He has had two girlfriends, nearly three (Don’t ask.) since we broke up. Just about two weeks ago. And I got buttered up by him, with all the “I love you” crap. Hah! Sometimes I can’t help but feel stupid for that. But we all learn from our experiences, ne? Guess this was a big one to learn from. I’ve had a guy friend over, and he was reading Kevin’s comments on my myspace. He said it was all bullcrap, even before we had started going out. And for some reason, I believe him. He is one of the most awesome guys. Don’t worry. I do not have any intimate feelings for him. He is just definitely one of the coolest guys in the world. He lives pretty far away though.

I remember the first time I met him. It was nearly three years ago and he was 13, almost 14. He was awesome then. But his awesome glands have truly grown! Haha, weird phrase, but you get the picture. I hope.
Anyways, he, Cayla, and I are like… best friends now. It’s really neat. I’m glad to have a guy friend that’s.. awesome. I have another guy friend that’s almost as awesome. I’ve known him for two years now and we’ve been friends on and off. But anyways, that’s pretty awesome right now.

Heee, I really want to draw. Maybe I shall, after I while. This is the first time I’ve truly been on in about a week. So…. maybe after this. I’ll post another blog with drawings/doodles if I do!

Talk to you all laterrr.

It’s happy times.


These Wounds Leak Water.

Well, I’m unusually chipper today. Last night, after I posted the blog with my self portrait sketch, I colored it, but then was so tired I needed to go to bed. Here is the colored version:

The colored version.

A little dark, but nonetheless, I suppose I like it. It actually kind of looks like me…….

It’s sort of sad-looking.. even though I really wasn’t sad yesterday. I have some little MSN doodles that I did today.


MSN Doodle 2

MSN Doodle 3

Trust me. It’s only some.

Bai guys~!


Through This Clear Glass Marble.

Well, I must say these past two days, I have been very inspired to draw. Last night and today I have been sketching a lot. I need some new sketchbooks!

I actually just started to draw a “girl” in the car on the way to Santa Fe today, (We had things to do.) a random girl. And slowly I just started to make her look like me. I mean sure, no terrific resemblance, but uh.. I tried?
Here’s the sketch/drawing:


I know it’s sort of tilted and such, but I worked on it for a good hour or so.
The shading isn’t my favorite, I really think I liked it better before I tried to shade, but you know… what happens, happens, right?

I’ve pretty much gotten over Kevin. I mean, he has to be an ass to not tell me we were breaking up until friggen AFTER he started going out with Esmerelda. Hah. I was nice enough to send him a message asking to still be friends and forget… ohh, he read it, but never replied.
Uh. Heh.
It feels nice not to have to worry a lot, since I didn’t really get to see him so much.
Should I really be experiencing these things whilst I’m 13? You tell me.

Oh! I really appreciate the few views I’ve been getting. If you like what you read/see here, drop me a comment and I’ll swing by your blog and check it out!
I love blogging. AND ART. Asdfhgjndg.


Silver Has Worn To Black With No Realization.

I must say, I rather surprised myself by winning first and second place at the Japanese Festival in Santa Fe. In my category, (I think it was ages 12-15) there were about 10 drawings. I really couldn’t believe when she called me for second place, but then first sort of scared me. There were lots of people there, and they had all voted. Does that mean everyone had voted a lot for my drawings? For my prizes, I picked this terrific, expensive manga artists pens set (Pitt brand, my god!) and a collection of amazingly cute “Hannari” stickers. As I have said in a previous blog, I have no idea what “Hannari” means or of the brand, I can just read the hiragana and put it into romaji. Anyways…

Here is the drawing that won second place:

Just in case you're wondering, Yuki is my Japanese name/signature. Talk to me if you need proof.

And here is the taker of first place..:

Gosh, it makes me feel appreciated for my art, winning.

I must say, this blog is to sort of.. distract me from the current goings on. I’m rather depressed. But clear.